Born in Richmond, VA and raised in the Triangle since the age of 8. I’ve had a first hand opportunity to watch this area’s incredible growth and development over the years. 

From third grade all the way to receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management at NC State University, I’ve been through every level of the public school systems in this area. Along the way, I managed to convince my Nebraskan “born and bred” wife to move here immediately after we married and Raleigh is also the place where we’ve chosen to raise our children. Needless to say, I am absolutely in love with this area!

This is one of the fastest growing communities in the country, and I relish the opportunity to meet new people and help them with the real estate process. Being a REALTOR® is the most difficult and rewarding career I could possibly imagine. 

I work very hard to maintain a reputation as an agent that puts integrity and communication above all else. As you’ll see in my testimonials, I ensure my clients have all the necessary information to make decisions that are best for their situation (not my bank account!). 

You should never make a decision simply because someone else told you to do so. Hire me if you want a REALTOR® who will work tirelessly for your best interests and genuinely guide, not push, you through the home buying or selling process!